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Spring 2011

Release in May 27, 2011

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Track No. 5 "Going Home" is composed and arranged by Janne Peltoniemi & Peter Friestedt (2011), derived from the Original composition (When you came into my heart) by Janne Peltoniemi (2001)/arranged by Janne Peltoniemi & Petri Rintapää JRP Records 2009-2010. Peter Friestedt Acoustic and Electric guitars, Janne Peltoniemi Piano & Keyboards, Ingemar Åberg Keyboards & Programing.

The forthcoming CD with former Toto/Vertigo-vocalist Joseph Williams & the Swedish guitar player Peter Friestedt has the title "Williams/Friestedt" featuring 9 tracks which one of the tracks are instrumental and incredible beautifullin the same vein as a soundtrack-style like it was written by Maestro David Foster (like for example his instrumental theme ofl "S:t Elmo's Fire"). -bluedesertmusic.com

The production is hoovered and dusted and polished in order to be perfectly clean. This all creates a sound that can be labeled as AOR, quite typical of the genre actually with all the elements needed, it has a clean sound and choruses that attaches themselves inside the memory cells of your brain. -hallowed.se

No, not a new version of the brilliant Toto track. 'Going Home' is a hardly shocking instrumental track what easily could be used as a soundtrack of one of those dreadful true story movies... -laxyrocker.com

This collaboration leads to this 'Joseph Williams & Peter Friestedt' album that could have been a new Toto album, to be honest. -lordsofmetal.nl

The record combines Williams' outstanding vocal performances with Friestedt's top notch guitar work and superbly crafted arrangements. -alwaysonrock.com

Williams-Friestedt offers to all the classic AOR fans an album that could have easily been recorded in the '80s by Toto themselves. -facebook.com/WilliamsFriestedt

When it is finally here , the CD with Joseph Williams and Peter Friestedt , anyone who listened to LA Project know how it should sound and this sounds just a bit better . The first song "Swear Your Love" is a real smoker , everything sounds perfect and have to pour praise on background vocals with Joseph , Bill Champlin and Lars Säfsund ( Work Of Art ), one of the best backing vocals I've heard in a long time ! Definitely worth having in his record collection. -westcoast-aor.ning.com


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